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The Arctic is under threat

Global warming and pollution are putting the Arctic - and global sea levels - under increased threat. Scientists across the world had warned that ice levels were close to the minimum recorded in 2007. Ice volume minimums have in fact fallen by more than 50% over the last 6 or 7 years! More here. In addition, there are threats from airborne and sea-borne pollutants. More here.

Boycott Israel

Following the recent completely inexcusable atrocities committed by Israel in Gaza in the name of self-defence, and ignoring for now other UN mandates that Israel has contravened, we are recommending that everyone boycotts all Israeli products indefinitely, i.e. until Israel: 1) removes the blockade of Gaza, and 2) removes half a million illegal settlers from the West Bank. We were going to compile our own list but feel that we can’t really match the excellent work done here.          More here.

Almost 50% of the world’s food is thrown away!!

It’s an appalling travesty: millions die every year from starvation (6 million children alone), and the World Health Organisation identifies hunger as the biggest global factor affecting health, yet almost half of our food is discarded - a damning indictment of capitalist excess (e.g. shelves overstocked to ensure competitors don’t steal market share) and resource mismanagement. Read the full story here. More about food waste here.

Monsanto and global food supply

Monsanto is increasingly in the news lately, suing farmers who reuse the genetically modified seeds rather than buying new stock from them. Now they are trying to take out patent rights on the world’s food supply!! Monsanto and other GM companies are possibly the biggest corporate threat to the human race today.


 Please sign the Avaaz campaign.

Capitalism has failed the planet

Capitalism is a flawed and failed model that resulted in untold riches for a small elite at the expense of poverty, suffering, and reduced life expectancy for many others. We need to look at radical new models that have greater equality and harmony at their heart rather than the devastation of human lives and the environment by war and greed. A resource based economy (RBE) is one exciting alternative worth examining. Tap the picture; more information in this video and this article.

Corporate America resists off-grid lifestyles

Can you believe that in the ‘land of the free’ (a phrase the native Indians might have an issue with) people are being arrested for collecting rainwater, and being told their sustainable power solutions are unacceptable and that they must hook up to the national grid?? Well, it’s happening, and the reason isn’t hard to find: if too many people follow their example the capitalist machine would grind to a halt and profiteers would starve.

The people of Nepal need our help

 Please help the people of this beautiful but unwealthy country, where between a quarter and a half (depending on how you measure it) of the populace live below an internationally recognised poverty line. If you have a bit of cash to spare please donate to a reputable charity that is well placed to get aid to Nepal swiftly. People in the UK can donate to this coordinating  agency easily via PayPal: