Field McConnell - The silencing of a conspiracy theorist

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Field McConnell - The silencing of a conspiracy theorist

Post by DownUnder »

This is an interesting article. This guy used to have an interesting website at full of interesting stuff about the intrigues of the so-called Illuminati. The site is now no longer visible and it's possible the guy has been targeted by the US establishment, as the article explains. ... d-hawkins/
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Re: Field McConnell - The silencing of a conspiracy theorist

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Interestingly, this article appears to have been saved from the original site because I remember reading it a few years ago. A lot of detailed information about a highly organised 'illuminati' paedophile ring. Is there any truth to it? Who knows. There's either an entirely different dimension out there that the vast majority of us aren't privy to, or some conspiracy theorists with extremely vivid imaginations. Smoke and mirrors, eh? Maybe time will tell..... ... gh-places/
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