IMPORTANT: Changes To Board's Visibility For Non-Members

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IMPORTANT: Changes To Board's Visibility For Non-Members

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In the coming days the entire Board will be made visible to all visitors for a trial period to see if it helps grow membership. However, only registered users will be able to make posts, with the exception of the Guest Message Board. Members will still have privacy regarding their email address etc unless you chose to incorporate this into your username. If you wish to change your username or have any other issues please contact Admin via the Contact link at the bottom of the page.

UPDATE:The Board has now been made visible, for a trial period, to Guests. Guests will have to create a membership before they can make posts and see attachments. However, one section at the bottom of the Board has been reserved for Members, and will be invisible to anybody who hasn't logged in. The content of this section may be changed at a later date and topics currently within other forums might be moved to this one to reserve for Members (e.g. Prepper Bunker). This is a reminder to ensure your username does not give away your identity in the real world if you wish to remain anonymous here. If you wish to change your email address please contact admin. If somebody emails you via this Board your email address remains hidden to them unless you reply.

This Board might be made invisible again to non-members at any time. If you have any views on this, please contact admin, or add a comment below.
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