Modifying The Font Size

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Modifying The Font Size

Post by Globalfightback »

At present, there is no option to change font sizes and styles within the control panel of the current phpbb default build. If there is sufficient demand I can add an official phpbb extension that allows users to modify the size of the default font size on the Board. In the meantime, if you wish to increase/decrease the default font size a simple solution is to use the zoom function in your Browser settings. (This will also apply the same zoom level to the main Global Fightback website if you have it open in a separate tab, but should leave tabs for other sites unaffected).

If you enlarge the font size within your device OS options, particularly when using a browser on a portable device such as a smartphone, this may cause some elements of the Global Fightback website to display incorrectly, with some of the text not displayed. (This is not an issue with these forums, however, which are fully responsive to such changes). I will make modifications to the website settings in due course in order to minimise any issues, but if you use the default font size settings, or opt for the next level of magnification only, the website should still display correctly. This is also the case if you choose to magnify the Display size in the operating system on a mobile device.

Don't forget that (although this will not alter the font size) you can also change the overall appearance of the Board in your User Control Panel, selecting one of three currently installed styles from the 'Board preferences' tab.
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