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Forthcoming Changes To Website And Forums

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2022 11:49 am
by Globalfightback
Following on from the acquisition of the domain name, a number of changes are planned over the coming weeks and months for both the forums and the website. The buildabetterearth name has already been applied to this forum board, but the website will remain as globalfightback, with the name being merely a placeholder redirecting to these forums for the foreseeable future (a separate, complimentary buildabetterearth website might be developed at a later date). There will be some further revision to the forum board structure soon to tidy up the categories. It is also planned to make most of the board invisible to non-members again in a bid to encourage more people to sign up to see the content. However, some sections will be open to public view. Additionally, some of the website pages will be redirected to the forum board, where it is easier to update content, and which also makes it easier for every member to make contributions.This will include the Petition and Boycott pages: these will then be regularly updated with ongoing events so that this section of the forums can become a useful reference tool for people searching for events and causes to support. These planned sections of the forum board are likely to be amongst those that will be visible to non-members.

Further attempts will be made to grow the membership of this board over the coming months. In the meantime, please help to spread the word and encourage like-minded friends to join. Facebook seems to block attempts to promote the Board on its platform and probably flags the link as spam (it is possible that the platform is also reducing the visibility of posts from the Global Fightback FB page generally), therefore other avenues to promote this board will be explored.