To See The Forums You Must Register / Log In. Please Read

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To See The Forums You Must Register / Log In. Please Read

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Hello Guest. This is the only section you can see because you either haven't yet registered for the forums or you haven't logged in. Read on to gain / regain access to the entire forum board.

If you're serious about debating global change, why would you want to waste your energies on corporate social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, investing your valuable time engaging in debate only for it to become largely invisible after mere days, or even hours, as it disappears down the timeline and into obscurity to be replaced by the next ephemeral fad? Those who weren't logged in at the time probably never even saw your post anyway. The very structure of these sites is suited to mere superficial chit-chat and, furthermore, they are controlled by corporate giants that have lost what touch they ever had with people as humans rather than commodities.

Do not be put off by the name: a global fightback, as expounded within these forums and associated website, is not about blood on the streets. It is, however, about the peoples of the world rediscovering their voice, and their power, both as individuals and as a collective whole. It is also an expression of the need to help the planet itself fight back against its mistreatment at the hands of humanity. How do we go about all this? That's the main point of the forums and website: to debate the best way forward and how to implement it. To learn more maybe you should get involved.

Global Fightback Forums have been created as an independent, non-corporate resource to facilitate left-field debate on a diverse range of subject matter, and are not visible to unregistered Guests. Once you have registered - which is entirely free of charge - and logged in you will have access to the following forums: General Information And User Tips; Voices For Change; New Beginnings/Brave New World; Global Environmental Issues; Science And Technology; Politics And Economics; Conspiracy Theory; Prepper Bunker; Spirituality And Philosophy; Fun Stuff (general chat, music, anecdotes, sport, jokes, memes etc). You will also be able to change to a different Board style if you don't like this one. If you successfully log in and see a message 'You are not authorised to read this forum' it's because you logged in whilst reading this Guest-Only section, which becomes invisible after you've logged in to avoid clutter to the Board. Simply click on the Board Index link at the top or bottom of the page and you will see the entire Board. If you've forgotten your password and are having issues with resetting it using the 'I Forgot My Password' link on the Login screen, or have any general queries, please contact Admin via this Contact link . It's also important to note that when you first register you will receive an activation email with a link to activate your membership; if you don't receive this please check your spam/junk folder and if it's not there please contact Admin using the link above.

As a Guest, you can read a little about the inspiration behind the creation of this forum Board below; you can also add your comments by posting a reply. Please note that the Captcha field that appears on the Post Reply screen does not appear for registered users and, in addition, registered users have further permissions regarding the content they can post (including images), editing, and the ability to create new topics, polls etc.


An Introduction To The Global Fightback Forums

We live in uncertain and very worrying times. The surreal fiasco currently playing out in the US over the legitimacy of the Presidential election is a stark indication of how people will stop at nothing to attain and hold on to power that can then be abused for personal gain at the expense of the greater good; where ethics becomes just an impotent word in the vocabulary of a 'loser', and hypocrisy is a byword for success. The right-wing factions of Western democracies are now using all manner of smoke, mirrors and doublespeak to obscure the truth from the masses, and thus control and suppress them: as a result we are sleepwalking into a virtual reality where control becomes omnipresent and pockets of resistance become unfocussed. Meanwhile, the Earth sickens. We stand at a crossroads, where we a face not only a battle for democracy, but one for the very soul of humanity, and the welfare of our planet too.

I encourage people from every corner of the planet to engage with each other and discuss ideas for helping to make our precious and beautiful world a better place for all - not just the privileged few. The vision that inspired the creation of the website was to build a global portal for people from all corners of the world to meet, engage, and share ideas and information, and it is hoped that these new forums will play a key part in this. The entire site features SSL secure encryption for passwords etc.

I believe that forum boards are preferable to social media sites for serious debate, since debate is archived in a better structured and more readily accessible format - posts can be retrieved and added to even years down the line. Most social media sites are full of simplistic and sensationalist content that panders to a herd mindset; in contrast, these forums are intended to encourage serious and objective debate, whilst still providing space to celebrate the lighter side of life and the essence of all that is good in humanity, and are, furthermore, free from corporate control and interference. The forums compliment the website being developed at

If you are passionate about helping to repair the damage that humans have done to the planet, please engage with others, here and elsewhere, and let's help to contribute towards what will be a very lengthy process that will no doubt require some radical change in both thought and practice.

For further information, take a look at the the Introduction And Objectives page on the Global Fightback website (link above).
Joseph Blogio

Re: To See The Forums You Must Register / Log In. Please Read

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Stuart Green

Re: To See The Forums You Must Register / Log In. Please Read

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What the world needs now is for all the peoples of the world to come together and make a stand against their corrupt leaderships. We need to bring the power back to the people.
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