Trouble Registering / Logging In? - Please Read

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the forums are hidden until you register and log in - read the posts here for further information including password issues. This section disappears when you successfully log in to reduce Board clutter.
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Trouble Registering / Logging In? - Please Read

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Are you having problems registering or logging back in? Please read the advice below:

1. If you've forgotten your password and are having issues with resetting it using the 'I Forgot My Password' link on the Login screen, or have any general queries, please contact Admin via this Contact link . The Board style you see now might look different to the one you chose; this reverts back to your chosen style when you log in. The Board name has recently been changed from Global Fightback Forums to Build A Better Earth, you can read a post explaining this further when you log in.

2. It's also important to note that when you first register you will receive an activation email with a link to activate your membership (so a fictitious email address will not work); if you don't receive this please check your spam/junk folder, and if it's not there please contact Admin using the link above. If you successfully log in and see a message 'You are not authorised to read this forum' it's because you logged in whilst reading this Guest-Only section, which becomes invisible after you've logged in to avoid clutter to the Board. Simply click on the Board Index link at the top or bottom of the page and you will see the entire Board and all the available forums. The General Information And User Tips forum is worth a read to get the best experience from using the forums.

3. Another possibility is that you registered as being aged under 13. This would then register you as a COPPA user and require an authorised parent or guardian to approve your membership. Unfortunately, to avoid falling foul of US law, this Board does not allow registration by anyone below the age of 13, and your membership request will therefore be rejected. If you accidentally registered as being under 13, please either register again using a different username or, if you wish to retain the original username, wait until your original COPPA registration details have been deleted by Admin and try again, or contact Admin using the Contact link indicated above and request deletion of your original registration so that you can re-register, or change your username if you have already re-registered. When re-registering, ensure that you select the option that states you were born before the date given on the registration form (i.e. that you are over 13). If you really are under the age of 13 do not provide false information: you do not have authorisation to join this forum board.

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