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…towards a better Earth

Today, our planet and our species face so many challenges. With modern technology our capacity to influence the future is greater than ever before: we can create or decimate on a scale that could have potentially irrevocable consequences. The value systems we adopt, that will ultimately dictate our actions, span all areas of human activity including the political, social, economic, moral, spiritual, environmental and technological spheres. This website was set up to provide a platform for those of you who care about creating a better world. But what constitutes a better world? What directions do we take? The problem is, people from different backgrounds and experiences have very diverse opinions on what actually is the best way forward. Somehow we need to find a way through all the cultural tensions, barriers and blind alleys, and arrive at some sort of consensus, which will inevitably involve compromise. If you are passionate about debating such issues please join the forums and tell your friends about them.

If your first experience of the Global Fightback website is through landing on this page, please explore the rest of the site too. It’s still under construction, and we welcome your suggestions and contributions via the Contact page. A good place to start exploring is the Introduction & Objectives page here. There is also a Facebook presence here, but going forward Global Fightback will be moving away from corporate Facebook and concentrating content on both the website and our own, non-corporate, forums as detailed above.


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