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33 Projects For Surviving In An Off-Grid Environment

Resource Based Economies: The Venus Project   One of several exciting organisations exploring alternatives to capitalism.

Over 40 Global False Flag Incidents That Officials Have Admitted To  Yes - there really are genuine false flags out there.

2020 Milk And Honey Festival   The 21st Century Woodstock?

Do You See What I  See?   A very inspirational video by Anonymous.

Boycott Israel: BDS Movement  If you believe that Israel is continually flouting international law and engaging in acts of                                                                                       disproportionate aggression then please take a look at this.

Spy Agencies Deliberately Spread Disinformation On Social Networking Media   Confirmation of what many Truthers have long                                                                                                                                                                      suspected.

The REAL Freeloaders   Don’t believe everything that the reactionary right tell you.

Neoliberal Austerity Measures, Privatisation And The Resurgence Of Authoritarianism   A highly recommended, insightful read.

Zionism And The US   An article examining how Zionism has helped mould US policy behind the scenes for over 100 years.

9/11: In-Depth Documentary   If you watch just one 9/11 video this one is highly recommended, unravelling the official line.

9/11: A Brief Summary Of Some Of The Unanswered Questions

9/11: Were The Jets That Hit The Twin Towers Really Commercial Airliners?

Max Keiser Claims That The US Economy Is Just One Giant Hedge-Fund

XVII: A Sci-Fi Novel  A novel about the insidious march of corporatism: one of the new generation of entrepreneurs bypassing                                                                                                          the corporate machine by publishing independently.

Depleted Uranium: The US Legacy In Afghanistan   WARNING: shocking and upsetting images.

Globalisation & Capitalism: An Unholy Matrimony Of Greed And Deceit   Extracts from Greg Palast’s must-read book The Best                                                                                                                                     Democracy That Money Can Buy.

Survival Tips In The Wilderness Using A Condom   No kidding!

Did God Have A Wife?   An article that provides some insight into how religious texts have been modified over the ages to                                                                                                                                  channel the beliefs of the masses.

Fukushima Fallout   Disturbing evidence of global pollution.

Idyllic Island   Or is it?…..

Nikola Tesla   A history of one of the world’s greatest (and most unsung) scientific geniuses.

José Mujica   A political icon, the ‘poorest President in the world’ between 2010 and 2015.

José Mujica, by Roosewelt Pinheiro, Agência Brasil The Venus Project: a proposal for a resource based economy

Good Gopher: an alternative Search Engine that filters out the corporate disinformation shills.

Is MS actually caused by Lyme Disease?   This article offers up a damning indictment of Big Pharma.

Wisdom Of An Aboriginal Shaman

George Galloway’s Anti-Blair Project

History Of The Rothschilds   Every activist should be aware of the Rothschild family and the shadowy part they have played                                                                                                                            (and continue to play) in world events.

Rothschild And Rockefeller  The two most powerful families in the world, pulling the strings behind the scenes.

The Bilderburg Group   Another shadowy organisation that dictates key world policies and events.

Ethical Consumer   An alternative consumer organisation.

Research Suggests That Time Really Is Relative!   This article could change your entire perception of your own life and the                                                                                                                                     way you view all life on Earth.

Planned Global Holocaust?   Read this and see what you think.

Computer Security   Some helpful hints.

Noam Chomsky   A thorn in the side of the Establishment.

Organic Fairtrade T Shirts For Activists

March Against Monsanto   A pressure group dedicated to resisting Monsanto’s grip on our food supply.

Climate Change And Recent Extreme Weather Events    If you think that the Arctic-like weather in parts of the US during                                                                                    January 2014 is proof that global warming isn’t real, watch this.

The Value Of Money   An insight into how the international banking system manipulates the (virtual) value of money and the                                                                                              (perceived) value of precious metals to control the masses.

UK’s Deficit Myth Exposed   A great article demolishing the Tori£$’ doublespeak.

Sister Hetty Bower   An inspiration to us all.

14 Healthy Foods

Top 10 GM Foods

List Of Shampoos And Soaps Containing Cancerous Ingredients

Exposing The Elite   An ex CIA agent reveals how government is rotten to the core due to corrupt central banks and other                                                                                                                                                             corporations.

What Exactly Is Normality?   A short video to challenge your perceptions.

The Vortex Project   A visionary plan to turn ocean pollution debris into fashion items.

Is The USA becoming a fascist nation?   14 worrying signs.

Unconditional Basic Income   A way in which the world’s poor can be emancipated from poverty. Turn on subtitles.

Paradise On Earth   There really are still places on our Earth where the ugly sprawling fingers of capitalism haven’t reached.

How Peaking Of Oil Production Could Create A Chain Effect That Transforms Our Social Structures

Flight MH370: Journalist Claims It Was Shot Down During Military Training Exercise   Truth, or capitalist fiction?

Inclusive Capitalism: A Trojan Horse As The Elite Attempt To Deflect The Progress Of Anti-Capitalist Activism

TTIP (Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership): An Ominous Threat To Democracy

ISIS: ‘Perhaps the most cash-rich and capable terror organisation in the world’  A chilling rags to riches story.

28 Signs That US West Coast Is Being Bombarded By Fukushima Fallout

Why Are There No Islamic Philosophers?   The reasons might surprise you.

Big Pharma, Big Science, And Big Money  This cynical article holds more than a shred of truth.

Gaza In Perspective   An Israeli’s scathing damnation of her government’s treatment of its Palestinian neighbours.

Ugly Truths Of The 2014 World Cup

The Shame Of Qatar’s World Cup Slavery

King Leopold II   A genocidal tyrant you might wish to learn more about.

How Social Media Sites Are Winning The War Of Words Against Israel’s Propoganda Machine

Snowden’s NSA Documents Implicate Israel And US In The Funding Of ISIS/ISIL  See also our Documentary Playlist.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC): pure science, or more driven by metaphysical rather than physical dark matter? This article      gives serious cause for concern: read about the accident on September 10, 2008, about a third of the way down the page.

The Million Mask March, London, Ontario, November 2013   Peaceful protest: an inspiring video.

‘Totalitarian Agriculture’ and the slow degradation of human cohesion

Offgrid living versus The Matrix

Lessons from Scandinavia: the iron-fisted grip of the 1% cabal really can be defeated.

Peer 2 Peer Creative Commons Project: only by pooling our minds can we stop our science and history being written for us by a controlling, self-interested cabal.

The Paradise Papers: how the super-rich hide their wealth, forcing honest citizens to pay higher taxes.

Death-dealing pesticides: profit without recourse to ethics.

Great online resource for building a more sustainable world.

A whistleblower spills the beans about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica’s corporate intrusion into personal data.

Zionism: a worrying insight into how Israel controls propaganda across the globe.

The long-term aim is to make Global Fightback both a portal and a comprehensive reference tool for all activists. Some of the references below will later become expanded as articles, but for now we list them as hyperlinks for you to explore at your leisure. We will continually add to this list, so come back often.

The 2020 Milk And Honey Festival - see link below