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Here we feature a series of interviews with citizens of our planet, airing their views about the world from the unique perspective of where they live and what they’ve experienced through life. They provide a personal insight that will echo the fears and hopes of people all over the globe. One of those citizens could be you! If you have something to say about any of the issues that currently face our planet, based on your own experiences or a particular area of interest, please get in touch here. Here are a few ideas for suitable topics - but the list is not exhaustive: anarchism, capitalism, conspiracy theory, the environment, off-grid living and prepping, 9/11, money-free societies (rbe), science and technology, spirituality.

Grass Roots
Sold Out: The Corporate Illusion Palestine Through The Eyes Of An Israeli


Due to the closure of the Server on which this feature was based the interactive elements of these pages are disabled. Archived copies of the articles shown above have been uploaded whilst a new Server is sourced to reinstate the full functionality of interactive debate.