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  Palestine Through An Israeli’s Eyes

Global Fightback has been quite critical of Israeli policy, and in the interests of fairness and objectivity we are publishing this Q & A session with Netanel Kaufman. Netanel is an Israeli citizen, and therefore has first-hand knowledge of the conflict as seen from the Israeli side of the border, as well as some background knowledge about the historical events that have led up to the tensions we see today. You can post your own comments below the article, and Netanel will  be happy to respond to them. The Palestinian issue is of course an emotive one, but please keep your comments respectful to avoid deletion. We would also be happy at any time to post a similar Q & A session with somebody from the other side of the divide.

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The Palestinian Crisis Through The Eyes Of An Israeli
Posted by: Globalfightback at 07:56, August 17 2015.




Thank you for agreeing to provide some insights, from an insider's point of view, about the situation within Israel regarding relations with the Palestinian territories. To begin with, I would like to ask how, from your perspective, everyday life in Israel is affected by the hostilities with the Palestinians. How does it compromise day to day life, and is there any amicable interaction between Jewish people and Palestinians living within Israel?



The conflict affects our life in a major way, it’s without a doubt the biggest issue discussed in the street or in the Knesset (our parliament), we have between 3-4 attacks by "Palestinians" every day, attacks that come as rock throwing or Molotov cocktails toward Israelis' vehicles. It makes you sometimes consider your way to some place according to areas who you might fall for those terrorists.

The second way it influences our life is the money and the manpower that it requires, our army uses about 20% of the government’s fund, a huge chunk, and thousands of soldiers have to serve merely to keep the safety of the Israelis, dozens of fatal attacks are being thwarted by the army every week, Israel has a top priority interest to finish this conflict but all efforts ended up failing.

There are interactions to try to meet the other side but it’s very small and keeps getting smaller with the time as the sides get more radical. Today in the TV in Nablus, Ramallah and Gaza, kids are being told to go and kill all the Jews and when they grow up there is no way to make them meet a Jew just to see the other. Of course after years of terror attacks there aren’t also a lot of Israelis that would be happy to meet Palestinians, one example is very fresh and good - a week ago, there was a "common pray for both sides" after a very bloody week and nobody really came, it happened eventually but with very few Arabs in the crowd, the years make this conflict harder and harder to solve.



That certainly doesn’t sound very hopeful. So, how did you discover the Global Fightback site?



I happened to see your post about the four kids who were killed by Israel a year ago [on the Global Fightback Facebook page, Ed.], I read some information about that, (and the fact that I speak Hebrew really helped me) and apparently the IDF has no blame in this sad incident. therefore with all the respect, I had to recommend you to check facts before posting and shaming people (or States) for things they have no responsibility in, after all you have now 108 likes (and counting), and that means 108 people who you have deceived, I’m sure that’s not your goal.



Although we have indeed shared the post you mention on the Global Fightback Facebook page I am guessing the 108 likes were for the original post on Jews For The Right Of Palestinian Return. Please provide me with a link to a story that objectively proves that the IDF were blameless and I will consider removing the post from the page.



I’m glad to find out that you are actually talking out of empathy to the casualties and not out of hate for Israel, not like a big part of the people that I get to talk to often.



Netanel, it's the objective truth that is important, lies will advance the world nowhere. Unfortunately, there are lies everywhere and your own country isn't actually innocent of disinformation. I am not anti-Jewish, hence my share for a post on a Jewish-based page, but I am anti-Zionist. Israel has partly earned its bad name globally, for its treatment of Palestinians and continually ignoring UN mandates regarding developments on the West Bank etc. Only truth and trust on all sides will enable the peoples of the Middle East and the wider world to live in peace.



I believe you, and that’s why I sent you this message in the first place, because from looking at your page people can see that you are acting out of empathy and not anti-Semitism, and that’s the people that can think, talk and acknowledge facts.

I’m not going to deny that my country hides information, every country in the world does that in order to protect itself, but to judge a situation is always picturing yourself in the position of each side, now picture yourself as a soldier of your country, going to fight a terror organization that declares not once that the goal is killing every Jew in Israel, not freeing Gaza along (which happened already in 2005 for 2 years) but continuing and killing every single Jew between the river and the sea, and they’ll do everything to make it happen, they will use children as human shield* and kill themselves if necessary (the motto of Hamas is "we love death as much as Jews love life"). Add to this the story of the corpses in 2004** and you can understand that we are not fighting an army, we fight radical religious fanatics who don’t care about nothing, including their children's lives, and want one thing only - killing Jews, and it’s not me saying this, that’s them admitting this proudly in every event they make. When you go inside, to destroy the missiles they have been launching at Israeli cities and to blow the tunnels they have been digging to the Israeli territory, how would you do it?? Israel warned every building before destroying it and announced what area the IDF is about to attack next, that’s enough and even too much effort to avoid hurting innocents, but in a war like every war people die, it’s sad, but inevitable, ask USA that bombed Afghanistan and UK that bombed Germany, go find out what was left of Dresden and Cologne after WW2, we crave for peace, the problem is that the other side doesn’t.

** In 2004 an Israeli APC was bombed by Hamas and the corpses were taken by the terrorists who presented and played with them proudly in the streets in Gaza.



I have now read the IDF article that you provided the link for and it does seem as if the deaths of these children was an unfortunate accident. I will add your link to the story in the timeline.

With regard to the rest of your comments, it does seem to me that Israel, over the course of the last few decades, has to a large extent earned its unpopularity around the world, such as Israel’s constant ignoring of UN mandates with regard, for example, to nuclear non-proliferation (whilst at the same time criticising, only the other week, the West’s relaxation of sanctions against Iran that do not even allow for any development of nuclear armaments, which is surely hypocritical?) and continued illegal development in the West Bank, in addition to Israel’s refusal to accept the legality of the Palestinian state in a UN vote on the matter a couple of years ago, contrary to the votes cast by most of the other nations in the world. These are just three of the more obvious examples that have resulted in Israel’s growing unpopularity around the world, and it would seem to me that Israel can only sustain such a stance because of its ability to lobby people in positions of corporate power in countries such as the US. In the meantime, many ordinary people all around the globe do not support many of Israel’s international actions, and this is reflected in the growing boycotts of Israeli products, and the fact that even governments such as that of the EU are considering imposing sanctions. Is it any surprise, therefore, that many people are sceptical when Israel claims that it is only acting in self-defence, even though this may, in some cases at least, actually be true?

In an ideal world there would, in my opinion, be no countries and no borders, for we are ultimately all one race and, despite the fact that many in Israel would probably not agree, one tribe. But such a world is not likely to materialise for a very long time, if ever, and in the here and now we have to do what we can within the constraints of the current situation. This involves compromise and open-mindedness on all sides. I appreciate that as an Israeli you will see things differently than myself and many others in the West, and for this reason I am happy to publish this conversation on the Global Fightback website. Only by listening to all sides of the argument with open-mindedness and then arriving at an objective compromise can the world move towards a lasting peace for all. Somewhere along the way, and hopefully sooner rather than later, the mistrust that exists on both sides of Israel’s borders needs to be broken down, and personally I find it heartening that Facebook pages such as Jews For Palestinian Right Of Return exist, and are doing their bit towards this cause.



This vision of one big tribe with no countries, borders or religions (this one I add from John Lennon’s song) is magical but yet, as you mentioned - impossible, the best we can do is to try to prevent as many wars as we can - one of the tools is communication and of course I’m happy to write you my opinion on the subject. I want to show as many people as I can the truth (in my opinion) to the condition, you can use my name, I’ll be honoured to represent my country with my name, and also it will be used to answer if anyone will read and want more information.

You brought 3 examples of "injustice" that Israel does, let me start by refuting them:


1. Nuclear weapons:

When David Ben-Gurion announced the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, 8 hours before the British mandate was over not less than 6 different armies - Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, reinforced by the Arabs in Israel (who by this point haven’t defined themselves Palestinians), a total of 110k warriors, attacked the new State while ignoring the decision of the UN from 1947 that acknowledged the right to establish a Jewish state, 110K warriors came from three directions (the fourth one is the sea) with combat jets, tanks and armour against one new army with very little supply (the British mandate didn’t let any weapons come in). That is what started the "independence war" that was finished in July 20th, 1949, with the biggest amount of casualties in the modern-Israel's history. Until this very days it’s hard to explain how we won this war, my grandfather who fought in this war always says that we won because we fought for our homes and lives knowing that to lose is not an option – it’s death. A lot of people use God to explain it; what does it have to do with nuclear weapon? Exactly what the 6-days-war has to do with it:

1967 is a year that changed Israel completely. Since 1964 the Egyptians did a lot of acts to tease Israel and to drug it into a war, one of them is very famous - they announced that the Arabs in Israel will call themselves from now on "Palestinians" and they need to free "Palestine" from the river (the Jordan river) to the sea, with "no negotiation, no recognition and no peace". Jamel, Egypt's president, announced that he has made a plan "to destroy Israel" and made Syria and Jordan join him, since by then Israel had quite an army, those three countries, that surround Israel from the north, south and east, used reinforcements from Morocco, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Tunisia, and of course the new nation - the Palestinians. A teacher of mine from high school once talked with me about those days, he speaks Arabic and his job was to listen to the enemy's radio, he told me that he heard so many different types of Arabic it was scary as hell. People in Israel believed that this was the end of the Jewish country. However, we all know how it ended, Israel attacked first, surprised the many enemies, and in only six days conquered the West Bank, the Heights of the Golan, and Sinai Peninsula. What does it have to do with Nuclear weapon? I think you start to realize.

in 1973 Egypt and Syria (Jordan said there is no more hope to destroy Israel and didn’t join), backed up again by a lot of Muslim countries, surprised Israel with a massive attack in Yom Kippur, the annual holy day for Jews. Until this day people remember this as the biggest trauma in our history, the Arabs caught Israel off guard and did a massive damage to Israel, Israel was the closest to being vanished than ever before or after, but miraculously survived.

1991, Iraq bombs Israel with no reason, just because USA attacked them to bring Saddam down, Israel didn’t respond.

2015, Iran is going to have a nuclear weapon that will be used as they repeatedly say to "destroy Israel".

Name one country in the human's history that in 67 years suffered so many threats to its existence, one! Don’t you think that after all this we deserve something to assure us that the 1973 war will not happen again? That in the next time that someone will try to make us disappear we will have something that will frighten them? Israel has nuclear abilities for more than 50 years (according to foreign sources)!! When did it ever threaten to use it against someone? Never! because unlike North Korea, India, Russia or the USA we have those abilities to save ourselves when the day will come that the enemy will try again to kill us all. We don’t want it, we need it - more than that, we must have it, so we will be able to continue to exist.


2. The building in the West Bank:

Before 1967 the West Bank was Jordanian, in 1967 Israel took it, unlike the other lands Israel took in this war (Sinai and Golan's heights) the West Bank was never claimed by Jordan - in matter of fact, Jordan was happy to get rid of it, because three years later, in 1970 they did what is called today "the Black September" and exported the "Palestinian" leaders to Lebanon and finished with the Palestinian problem for good, in 1994 they signed a peace agreement with Israel and gave up those lands. The result: today Jordan is the most peaceful place in the Middle East. They are probably smarter than we are...

Now the question is who owns the West Bank? Jordan doesn’t want it back, Israel has not recognized it as Israel yet, it seems to be no one's land.

Those poor people (and I really mean it - they are so miserable) were under Jordan’s rule and all of a sudden - Jordan gave up on them, part of them made it into Jordan, 1.5-2.5M of them are stuck with no country in this beautiful place called the West Bank or "Judea and Samaria" by the Bible (Jewish names btw, and I’ll refer to that later), Israel hasn’t announced it as Israel's territory for two reasons that I see:

a. It will make those 1.5-2.5M Arabs under Israel's responsibility and will be fatal to the demography of Israel.

b. The world's reaction.

The policy of Israel is not clear about this land, something that makes people angry, but one thing is sure that this land belongs to no one, so Jews come and build there, Arabs come and build there, since Jordan gave up on those lands there is no record of what field belongs to whom, it’s not an illegal settlement - it’s a law-less zone that belongs to no one until Israel will agree to take it from Jordan, the old owner who gladly gave up on it.

Now the second reason why we can build there, and that is the most vital point in this situation in the Middle East, the main claim actually as I see it - I don’t know if you know but the current state of Israel is the 3rd to exist so far, the first one was approximately 3000 years ago (by the Bible and historic records and findings), it was destroyed after 400 years by Babylon.

70 years after that the Jews returned and built it again, it wasn’t a perfect country as the first empire that David and his son Solomon made, we still had some duties to Babylon and the empires that came after, but nevertheless it was a country that lasted for 580 years with Jewish regime.

After 2000 years here we are again, building the third Jewish state, the West Bank is called Judea and Samaria from the simple reason that the first people ever to inhabit those places were the Jews! Jerusalem was there a lot before "el kuts", this is our land from the dawn of history, and we are just claiming what we deserve, what is ours.

P.S. the story how the second one was destroyed is one of the most famous and important in the Judaism’s history and actually - yesterday all of us fasted in the annual memorial day of the disaster for the 2,437th time in order to never forget.


3. The "Palestinian country":

That is so simple, you see, although they want us to accept their "country" they still refuse to recognize us as the Jewish state, they still have in their goals "killing every Jew between the river and sea". They have a famous quote that they keep on saying in their mosques:

"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him".

How can I give a legitimacy to a country who wants to kill me just for who I am?? They don’t want to live in peace! They want to kill me! They don’t think with the same logic as you and I think, they are crazy anti-Semitics that were brain washed from the moment they were born! They celebrated in 9/11 in the streets, when the subway train blew up in London they went out to the streets with candies!! Until this reality will change, we can’t even start to talk about giving those fanatics a State of their own.


Having answered your three questions I want to add another thing:

Jews have been living in the land of Israel for more than 3000 years, there were good times like David and Solomon's or those days right now, and there were bad times like 200-2000 years ago when there were only a few Jews in here. After Hitler, Stalin and the Inquisitions exported us from Europe we went to the place we all knew and we all have been talking about for more than 3000 years - we found nothing but deserted land as Mark Twain describes in his book "Pleasure Excursion to the Holy Land". From nothing at all we built an amazing country with a lot of difficulties in the way, the Arabs Massacred us again and again, in 1929, and in 1939, but it didn’t stop more and more Jews to come and build cities and fields in here, the British mandate tried to stop the Jews from coming and failed, nothing could stop the Jews from coming back home, and eventually on May 14 1948 it happened, and David Ben Gurion stood on the stage and announced the establishment of a third Jewish country. We have every right to live here and if some Arabs who called themselves "Palestinians" 50 years ago want to take this land from us based on a claim that they came here 200 years ago they do it only out of pure hate to the Jewish people, because ask every Muslim, according the Koran the land of Israel belongs to the Jews, it has been this way before Mohamad was born, before Jesus was born, and the only reason that Europe is against us is the proliferation of Islam in Europe that has become anti-Semitic just like 70 years ago. We have a phrase in Hebrew that says "the eternal nation does not fear from a long way", we waited 2000 years for this state, a few anti-semitics will not back us off.

I hope that I answered all of your questions, it took me a few hours to put it into words, there still a lot that hasn’t been said, but I think I covered the majority of it, if you have any other questions - please ask and like I said you are more than welcome to use it whereever you find right with my name for questions.

Ah, and here is a terrific 6 minute video to help demonstrate the story on a nut shell:



I must stress that I don’t actually believe that a world without borders is impossible, just improbable in the near future – and it certainly isn’t going to happen in our lifetimes. However, people alive today can perhaps help to build stepping stones to such a future world.

Although you have made a very good case for Israel’s policies I have to say that there are conflicting views on the internet from those sympathetic with the Palestine cause, and I suspect that the real truth lies somewhere in between these views. For example, having watched the YouTube link you sent I feel I should draw your attention to this one, which shows a somewhat differing point of view – and surprisingly, from a Jewish source:

I cannot dispute your claim that the Arab nations were very hostile to the creation of Israel during the 1947 UN Partition Plan, and I can’t help thinking, looking at the patchwork-quilt of proposed territories for both Israel and Palestine drawn up in 1947, that it was doomed to failure from the start. There is a quote on Wikipedia that I will reproduce here:

"In a speech at the General Assembly Hall at Flushing Meadow, New York, on Friday, 28 November 1947, Iraq’s Foreign Minister, Fadel Jamall, included the following statement: Partition imposed against the will of the majority of the people will jeopardize peace and harmony in the Middle East. Not only the uprising of the Arabs of Palestine is to be expected, but the masses in the Arab world cannot be restrained. The Arab-Jewish relationship in the Arab world will greatly deteriorate. There are more Jews in the Arab world outside of Palestine than there are in Palestine. In Iraq alone, we have about one hundred and fifty thousand Jews who share with Muslims and Christians all the advantages of political and economic rights. Harmony prevails among Muslims, Christians and Jews. But any injustice imposed upon the Arabs of Palestine will disturb the harmony among Jews and non-Jews in Iraq; it will breed inter-religious prejudice and hatred."

Perhaps, in view of the above words, the UN, possibly influenced by Zionist lobbying, was too hasty to draw up the borderlines that defined the state of Israel, and maybe both Israelis and Palestinians would have been better served if things had been delayed for months or even years until both sides had reached an amicable settlement. It may have been that much bloodshed could have been avoided and thousands of lives saved.

Although you say that, prior to this Partition Plan, the Arabs in the area hadn’t defined themselves as Palestinians, to my knowledge the term Palestinian is very old, dating back about 3,000 years, and is therefore more or less as old as the term Jews. Therefore, both peoples seem to have an ancient heritage and a presence in the region.

I take a lot of the points you have made regarding the various aggressions of Arab nations such as Egypt and Syria, and accept that these actions would have been immensely worrying to Israel’s leaders at the time, but these facts don’t convince me that Israel should have any disposition to totally ignore UN mandates with regard to nuclear non-proliferation, development in the West Bank etc. The fact that Israel has chosen to ignore the UN in cases such as this has, I suspect, enraged Arab/Palestinian feelings even further, and also turned people around the world, who might otherwise have been friends of Israel, against them.

The whole Middle East situation is obviously immensely complex, and I accept that a native such as yourself is likely to have a lot more knowledge of the area and its history than myself. However, there have to be reasons why your views, and those of the Israeli government, are not shared by so many people around the world. Some of it might be down to anti-Israeli propaganda, but I doubt that all of it is, and as I said earlier the truth probably lies somewhere in between the views of both sides, and if only both sides could realise this perhaps a compromise and lasting peace might yet be achieved. If this is not attained I fear that the situation in the Middle East might drag the whole world into global war - and some say that there are certain people in the world who would want it that way, in particular those who would make money and gain power from such conflict.



You asked a great question, I’ve thought till today that the answer is well known and I’m glad you brought it up.

Let me take you back again 2000 years ago to the second period of the Jewish country in the land of Israel. As I wrote before there were (according to history findings) two of those, after the Romans destroyed the second state they tried to rule over the Jews with brutal laws against the religion that led to the rebellion of Bar Kokhva, a famous story that every Jew would know. The rebellion was very hard and long, and eventually the Romans suppressed it after huge loses for both sides. As an act of disconnecting the Jews from the land the romans changed the name to "Palestina" and banned any religious act.

That is what started the hardest era for the Jewish people, most of the Jews were exiled, the country was demolished and only 2000 years after they came back.

Now when we've found out what is the name "Palestina" let’s find out who are the people that call themselves "Palestinians":

During those 2000 years lots of empires ruled the land, the Muslims started to appear around the 18th and the19th century when the Ottomans (Turkish) had it, during those centuries historians tell about big waves of immigrants from Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and also a few Jews came since in this time Muslims and Jews were quite allies. In the end of the 19th century Theodor Hertzel established Zionism and huge waves of Jews started to come, that changed the balance in the area, because in this time the big Muslim empire was the ruler, the Muslims in Israel enjoyed better conditions than the Jews.

Mark Twain was an American author that went to travel the world, and when he came to Israel in 1869 he describes the land in his book as empty deserts, no one that took care of the ills and the cripples, and generally as a land with no one, Hertzel said it then as "people with no land to a land with no people".

When the British came in 1917 they promised to establish a Jewish colony in the land of Palestina (Balfour statement), the Arabs didn’t claim for anything since they were not a nation with any definition. That brings us to the big Arabic rebellions in 1926 and 1936 (the Arabic rebellion and not the Palestinian rebellion, again, they were just hobos that lived in tents and small villages). After that was the holocaust that brought thousands of Jews to Israel, May 14, 1948, and the continuation we already discussed above. In the whole process nobody knew what Palestinians are, since the hobos who lived in the villages and the tents that Twain describes did not define themselves whatsoever. (Btw, until today most of the people in Gaza are called "El-Matzri", which means in Arabic "from Egypt").

For conclusion, there is no connection between the name "Palestina" that the Romans gave to the land of Israel and the Arabs that are living today in Israel, it’s a conspiracy that’s meant to "kill all the Jews between the river and the sea" as lots of "Palestinian" leaders keep saying.



So, just as a final point, would it be correct to conclude that you and, in your opinion, most other Israelis, would support the idea of both Israelis and Palestinians living side by side on their own land, provided that both sides and their allies in other countries accepted such a peaceful co-existence and didn't interfere across each other’s borders? I know it's a bit of pipe-dream at present, but it would be nice to be able to look with hope towards a better future.



Of course, after all we all want to live a better life, the conflict took from us a lot of blood, agony and grief, and we all dream about the day it will end. It’s getting harder and harder to believe that we will be able to live side by side with those Arabs specifically, but the hope will always keep us working for a better future, 50 years ago it was hard to imagine us living in peace with Egypt and here we are, the nature of the people is peace and hopefully one day it will happen.



Netanel, thank you very much for your frank and informative opinions. If I can get somebody representing the Palestinian point of view to write down their thoughts sometime in the future I would do that too, and perhaps by looking at both sets of views we can find some common ground. In the meantime I am thankful for your offer of publishing your thoughts, which have provided myself and hopefully other readers with some new insights into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Readers are invited to express their own views on the dialogue above. Please keep your comments respectful of all parties involved.

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Please note that this interview will shortly be incorporated into a larger series of Question and Answer articles entitled Grass Roots, interviewing people from all around the globe who have something to say about the world based on their own knowledge and/or local perspective. Contact us via the Contact page if you want to take part.

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 12:57:25


Anthony, I find your reminiscences interesting and your comments very insightful. So many of us are coming to a similar conclusion about the existence of this secretive cabal that seeks to control us (and to a considerable degree they have already succeeded, even before the likes of Monsanto gain control over the food supply and international treaties such as TTP and TTIP provide them with immunity from the constraints of democratically voiced opposition). I'm guessing from what you've said that during your internet research you've come across the story of the Rothschilds. They are certainly a very secretive family, and although I wouldn't treat everything in the extensive archive linked below as gospel it does ask some very searching questions, both as to actually who controls our planet and, as you say, how much of our written history we should believe. My own view with regard to the Jews is similar to yours, and it is reflected in the introductory paragraphs at the link below: that, like the rest of us, they are largely the puppets of a hidden cabal. The linked article goes even further, claiming that most of the Jewish people in high places today are not genuine Jews, and that the Zionism they preach does not conform to the teachings of Judaism. It further paints a chilling picture that suggests that the many Jews who were exterminated in the Nazi death camps were, like Hitler himself, mere pawns in a wider, and very sinister game. It's important that humanity discovers the genuine truths surrounding these affairs, and that a sanitised version of events is not what future generations inherit; otherwise the future they build will be founded on lies, and its foundations will not withstand the onslaught of time. People reading this should cut, paste and archive the information in the link below, because already a more detailed timeline at appears to have been removed from the internet.

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 12:55:07

anthony taylor

After long friendships with Jews, without their race ever being raised as a matter of any real concern or dispute, I do not believe myself to be anti –Semitic, in fact I am not even sure what the words signify. What I am sure of is that Jews, like the rest of us, are subjected to propagandistic persuasion which in the presence of real or imagined threats can induce them to support ideas and behaviour that they would otherwise reject. I am also of the opinion that our two world wars were contrived and avoidable and that Hitler was himself a victim of engineered circumstances as well as of his own ego. Englishmen of all people should be able to confess to the fact that one learns little about a nation’s history from its own history books. Until long after the WW2 air attacks upon England, of which I have some childhood memories. I was of the opinion that I understood the nature of that war and the bestiality of Mr Hitler who was totally responsible for all of it. Many years later when flying on a business trip across Germany with older, senior colleagues, we looked out of the windows. Both the men with me had served in the Royal Air Force, both were kindly, likeable types who, as a junior, I was pleased to be with. As they looked they reminisced upon the fact that the last time they had witnessed this city at night was during the allied raids. “It was a just sheet of flames” they agreed with each other, the semi-nostalgia went on long enough for one of them to recall time spent flying in America when he dropped empty Coke bottles on an internment camp because the noise they made while falling “To put the wind up the Japs” he explained. Since that time I have conducted some limited research on the internet into what I now believe to be the rapidly closing alternative windows upon past events, one of those being the Holocaust itself. From this source and that of printed books it is still possible to salvage disappearing facts and gather new perspectives while also learning that it is possible by selective reading to reinforce truly unfounded beliefs. Even bearing this in mind I now have the conviction that the rank and file of all nations and races, including the Jews, are having their destinies managed by a small number of us who believe themselves to be more highly evolved and hence superior to the rest. Having gained almost complete control of the media they have come to the stage where they move our minds and motives around the chessboard of human affairs with relative ease. The only tool they have at their disposal is our cooperation and this is only harnessed with help of our compliance and corruption. Members of this new species have no lasting loyalties not even among themselves. Among us there will be no winners, only those of us they find useful from moment to moment.

Thu, 21 Jan 2016 23:48:29