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Here you can find some of the stories that were formerly on The Globe Front Page. For more current News stories, read Here.

Jimmy Carr and Tax Evasion

Oh dear, they’re all at it! A rather banal sketch really - bad language and cheap smut are surely the hallmarks of a comedian too desperate for laughs - but included here (temporarily) to illustrate the hypocrisy of Mr. Carr. However, he is of course merely one of many: read more here).

Mass graves in Taldou, Syria

Join the Avaaz campaign to stop the atrocities in Syria click to expand

No, we haven’t completely ignored the recent Conservative Party Conference.

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In-depth New Scientist article on the European    Ash tree crisis.

Just one more Apocalypse that wasn’t…..

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‘The Innocence Of Muslims’

It appears that Western reports about the Muslim reaction to this film have been distorted. That’s not to condone the publishing of such a film at such a sensitive moment in time, when people should be attempting to build bridges between the two ideologies. Hate is perhaps the most destructive social force on our planet, and misunderstanding breeds hate. Global Fightback believes that the real enemy of the people is the reactionary far right, in both the Muslim world and the predominantly Christian and Jewish West. For a more balanced view about the whole affair, including the Islamic backlash, take a look at the Avaaz article here.

UN Votes For A Palestinian State

The UN has voted to recognise Palestine as a nation state. Despite a large measure of public support for the Palestinian cause, not only Israel but also the US lobbied against this, with the United States’ whipping boys, the UK, abstaining. Why? Draw your own conclusions as to who pulls the strings behind US policy making, even with a Democratic government in power….. Israel’s shameful response to losing the vote is further provocative West Bank settlement.

See the Avaaz campaign.      See our Blog.

An appalling miscarriage of justice is finally redressed.

Does being black reduce your chances  of a fair trial?

DNA evidence frees Damon Thibodeaux after 15 years on Death Row

Did India enter the 21st. Century??

They’ve got the Atomic Bomb - indeed, they are one of several nations, including Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea, who have atomic weaponry in defiance of the United Nations Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1970. Yet in some ways India is still stuck in the past: in particular, regarding its outrageous attitudes towards women. The still unnamed 23 year old student who was raped and murdered in an act of inhuman savagery last December is a classic example of how the lawmakers turn a blind eye to the blindingly obvious until democratic people power forces change. Many governments across the world are inept because they are morally corrupt - but the peoples of the world are now demanding change. Sign the Avaaz petition.

Click to go to the official Rio Earth Summit site

Rio Earth Summit

Another chance for the world’s leaders to help redress the environmental issues facing the world. But will short-term monetary profit be put before long-term ecological balance? Click on the icon to the right to go to the official Earth Summit site.

Update: We have now added an article appraising the conference on our Articles page.

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Neil Armstrong. Click for Guardian article

RIP Neil Armstrong

A true icon of the 20th century, and the positive face of human co-operation and endeavour.

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Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013. A true light to humanity. RIP

RIP Madiba

A true icon of the 20th century, and the positive face of human co-operation and endeavour.

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