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You can use this message board as a real-time chat portal to exchange ideas and resources. You can also use it as an alternative to our email address to leave us a message.

Please keep your messages clean and respectful. Offensive messages and links to malware will be deleted, offenders will be blocked from access and reported. Only open links you trust; contact us if you suspect a malicious link.

Please note that you must enter a name (or pseudonym) for the ‘Send’ button to activate.

The message board is intended for short messages. If you wish to have an in-depth debate please use our forums, which you can enter here.

The original Message Board feature on this page has now been incorporated into our new discussion forum board at You can access a Guest Message Board there without subscribing to the forums, but you will only see the rest of the forums when you register, which is free of charge. Please consider doing so, and joining in wide-ranging discussions using our independent, non-corporate resource, where serious debate can be better accessed and archived than social media sites such as Facebook.