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Global Fightback’s occasional blog. Your blogger: GFB. See also the more regular Bleats From The Black Sheep mini blog in the Activist Portal section.

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WARNING: Don’t open links posted by others as a Comment unless you trust both source and link. Contact us if you see anything suspicious, we will report it.

Due to the closure of the Server on which our Blogs were based they are temporarily unavailable. In the near future we plan to relaunch the Blog on Wordpress, linked to this page, at which point selected archived blog entries will be reinstated and new entries added.

In approximately ten seconds this page will redirect to archived blog posts on the Bleats From The Black Sheep blog page in the Activist Portal section of this website (the delay may be longer in Firefox browser). The Bleats From The Black Sheep blog page is also being reconstructed - see explanatory text on that page.