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In this interview Global Fightback talks to an Australian woman who is passionate about the way we are being misled by big corporations, and the way that they are prepared to stifle all opposition seemingly at any cost. You are invited to rate the Article, and to express your views by clicking on the ‘Comments’ link at the bottom.

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 Sold Out: The Corporate Illusion

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Have You Been Missold A Corporate Dream?
Posted by: Globalfightback at 19:43, March 24 2016.


Barbara, would you like to start by telling me how you became so passionate about the subjects we're about to discuss?



30 years ago a very wise healer told me of a plan (no names back then) to buy up all the seed companies in order to restrict supply and monopolize the industry! At that time there was no internet and no GMO and it all sounded far-fetched, but because he was a bit weird. He also told me information that he dispensed in monthly newsletter to his client base, such as that 1 in 3 would have cancer, that salt was needed by each cell of the body, but not the crap they were selling as salt but mineral rich salt (had never seen Himalayan salt or Celtic salt back then), or that margarine was a plastic food that even rats would not eat, that milk was killing us, that soy product was the greatest lie shoved onto the "natural or alternative" population and would make them sick, or that vaccinations were being used to sterilize the population and used as nation control etc etc! He was right on the ball and so opposite the lame stream media back then it's uncanny!

He brewed his own medicines out of Australian native herbs, secrets he learned from the aborigines in WA. He used to work for the health department and resigned when he saw the result of mass vaccination on the tribes in Central Australia! Said it was nothing short of genocide. No one else had ever mentioned these facts and we (his clients) all thought him a bit nuts, but all of his warnings and facts are spot on and anyone new to this information thinks people like me are a bit nuts too! He also produced a form of water enhancement way before the health sector brought forth filters to rid the drinking water of deadly fluoride. He healed cancer patients, restored eye sight (I was there when a little 3 year old could see for the first time no kidding, she had acupuncture next to her eyes, her mother burst into tears!). Everyone was treated as they needed, differently, with up to 30 people being handled at the one time, various beds, chairs mattresses on the floor, sitting in wire cages getting frequency treatments, color therapy, Chinese cupping, manipulations, acupuncture, and every case was discussed in front of everyone. It was the weirdest place I'd ever been to but did he get results! MS patients got off tables and walked! No BS! And he'd say "Don't tell your doctor I fixed you! Just tell them you had a spontaneous remission or that you prayed to God, because the bastards are trying to throw me into jail anyway because I'm upsetting the medical community's plan (only it wasn't community, he called it a conspiracy) to poison, burn, chop, and take all your money, before they bury you!" Pretty much what's happening now. Radical? You bet! He was hounded, they flew over his property looking for illegal plants. He grew tobacco because he said it was a powerful plant if you used it in medicine, he grew comfrey, which was illegal for herbalists to grow, because it's so powerful that it was forbidden. Lots of crazy stories that are coming true. How natural healers would be targeted and many useful products withdrawn from the market on the pretense they were harmful. How the population would be brainwashed and dumbed down so they could be more easily manipulated. Man, he was passionate about things!

From there I ended up with another set of natural healers, where I was allowed to watch videos on the build up of control over newspapers, media of all sorts, camps that could be used to exterminate huge numbers, film of a newspaper (alternative) being raided by black helicopters and the owner shot and killed in front of his wife and kids! This was on secret surveillance film. From there, to my first encounter with literature about the dangers of vaccination, the manipulated data and the mysterious deaths of about 30 scientists who questioned the wisdom of full scale vaccination or even had some misgivings about them. All too sadly true now. Back in 1992 when there was a god like veneration for doctors. They said, you did. Never question your doctor, he knows best. I've been a rebel most of my life and don't believe any of the bs that others do!! Not an easy place, and I've had to bite my tongue a lot.



You've covered an enormous amount of ground in what you've just told me, and it certainly provides plenty of food for thought. The natural healer you met back in the early 90s comes across, like you say, as a very wise and knowledgeable person, who presumably had acquired some background knowledge about the workings of a hidden elite, because it's hard to believe he could have predicted so much with such accuracy otherwise. Can you reveal the name of this guy, and do you know whether he is still alive?



Yes he's still alive, I just looked him up on a search engine and he's running a herbal clinic in Australia. I won't release his name without his permission as I don't think he would welcome any controversial attention, since his work depends on being free to practice and teach. My opinion is that it wasn't rocket science back then to get information on the future plans of Monsanto and seed retention or the pharmaceutical industry and their greedy foray into the health sector, as we had a grass roots magazine called "Nexus" and they carried plenty of these kind of articles. My point was that until I met xxxx I had never heard of Nexus. The articles in there ranged from interesting to crazy! Some great articles on Tesla, the oil industry, the repression of water driven cars, the emerging system of a cashless society, all the things that are now in vogue were featured in this little magazine!

He opened my eyes to what are generally thought of as "conspiracy theories", plus his knowledge of herbs and natural biology gave him the insight that the body heals itself, given the right environment, nutrition and mental calm. Back then, because I had not had a great deal of exposure to this natural medicine, I was astounded at his knowledge, but today find that his predictions were really only common sense based on that knowledge. Many of the truths I know now would make me sound just as "futuristic" to my friends because these matters are outside their sphere of interest! I don't wish to downplay his predictions, just put them into perspective. Since then I've listened to many health gurus, and the bottom line is that food is a medicine that heals and there's not much money in healing people. Food is an exact science as practiced by the Chinese with their food combining. It's based on the five elements and xxxx used this to heal his clients. He also went to China and studied there. From memory he was made a master of QuiGong, and that was an honor not given to many. I will contact him and ask if he is willing to help in this venture of educating the public, but would be surprised if he said yes, he must be in his 80s by now and may not wish to rock the boat!



Yes, I guess you are right to put this into perspective and point out that this guy was not some magical seer, simply a very knowledgeable, and hence enlightened, person. This actually highlights the importance to us all of having such knowledge and enlightenment ourselves. Knowledge is power, and it's in the interests of the controlling cabal to limit this knowledge, since it makes it easier for them to control the masses and herd them into wars etc. This strategy has served them well over the centuries, but now the masses are wising up - partly as a result of the widely available knowledge available on the internet - and asking questions of the conventional wisdoms, and sites like this one are seeking to open up objective and honest debate. It's interesting that you made reference to Monsanto. The claims around genetic engineering of our foodstuffs is, like all conspiracy theory, a hotly contested debate, and it gets hard to know what to believe. The internet is not only full of useful information, but also much disinformation too, and there is some evidence to suggest that powerful corporations, including political bodies, hire 'shills', to deliberately minimise any negative publicity by posting disinformation to counter it, and as a result the distinction between truth and fiction gets muddied. In this respect the controlling cabal have, up to a point, successfully limited the ability to harness the power of the internet to gain true knowledge, and it's something that I believe we must all fight tooth and nail to counteract.

Going back to your earlier comments about the healer, do you think that his claims about the vaccinations of the Central Australian tribes being an act of genocide was a reference to the authorities deliberately trying to poison these natives, or was it more a case of covert sterilisation to prevent the creation of further generations? I seem to remember having read something about the latter a few years back, but as an Australian perhaps you can provide some insider information on this?



I agree with the disinformation bit wholeheartedly. I can't really make more comments on the vaccination of the tribes. All I have is that memory and there are no records that I'm aware of, and sterilization could have been the agenda.

If we go into the vaccination issue we are putting our heads on the train tracks! I'm posting and sharing other people's memes and videos but feel a great reluctance to be singled out in this fight. I'm supporting financially a group in Australia, the AVN AUSTRALIAN VACCINATION-septic NETWORK,  and a brave woman who is planning to deliver a load of petitions to the PM to stop the 'No Jab No Pay' laws, but haven't got the guts to throw myself to the wolves just yet! My memory for names and dates etc is not improving with age, though your questions are making me think more rationally so that's a good result!

The  mention of Tesla was in relation to his electrical healing apparatuses and creation of energy from his weird coils back in the 1920 ??? He was way ahead of the pack, and his work was destroyed and he was thrown into jail because he threatened the money-making oil and electricity concerns! Most of this stuff I read years ago and forgot much of it, but behind all of it is keeping the money rolling in for the rich and making the slaves work.



I did a quick check on Wikipedia, and could find no reference to vaccinations linked to any attempted genocide of the aborigines. However, back in the 19th century there was certainly an attempt to reduce their population through a series of documented, and also supposedly undocumented, massacres, and there is also a suggestion that smallpox might have been deliberately introduced into the tribes to reduce their numbers, as it was against the native American Indians. They were classed by some dignitaries as ‘very dangerous savages’, and ‘an unimprovable race’. Then in the 20th century children were removed from their parents in an attempt at population control. These are truly despicable facts, and should serve as a warning to us all as to the lengths that a self-appointed elite will go to in order to suppress those that they consider inferior: a precedent has been set by these acts, and who knows what the so-called ‘elite’ might have in store for the masses in the future. As I type this, the sci-fi film Soylent Green comes to mind.....

Going back to what you said about the first healer you knew, his opinions will echo the deep suspicions that some reading this article will have regarding Big Pharma, and the ‘wonder drugs’ that are shrouded in the secrecy of patent laws and such. I guess that we shouldn’t be totally dismissive of modern medicine though. After all, in so-called 'First World' countries overall life expectancy has increased, so we must be doing something right.

You mention that the healer quit his job working for the health agency in order to practice traditional healing methods. Was he a trained doctor at that point, do you know, and if so did he abandon all his modern medical techniques, or perhaps combine the best of both worlds?



No, I do not know if he was a trained medical person or not, but I do know that he completely dismissed modern medicine as a scam and considered it a band-aid treatment, not healing! I know he used herbs which he made on the premises. He had people pick the herbs and leaves after the dew was off them in the morning, then placed them into large bottles, huge bottles! They were filled with apple cider vinegar and set out in his garden in circles half buried in the ground. The sun would bring the herbs etc to the top during the day and they would sink to the bottom at night with the cool temperatures. After some months they would be strained and put into storage bottles and each patient wound get a different mix for what ailed them. He was amazing as he would take you to the dispensary and feel the vibrations of the mixture that you required. There were of course other treatments as well. Body work and acupuncture and cupping and color therapy, and his patient list was huge. At any time there might be over 20 people at a time going through treatments. You had to be there at 6 in the morning and you would most likely get out by noon. It was nothing like conventional doctors where you're in and out in 10 minutes with a script in your hand for some poison to mask the symptoms. He was also very adept at reading your body. Mostly he told you what was wrong as soon as you walked in. Then he would follow up with an iridology reading, but this I think was mostly for show as he saw what ailed you. The Chinese are very good at that. Each line on your face, your gait, your stance, your skin told a story. Nothing mysterious about it, just great observation and years of experience, plus a gift from higher up.

When I trained as a Bowen Therapist I learned to read bodies too, but never to that degree. Also, the Bowen inventor Tom Bowen would see people's pain and knew exactly what muscle or organ needed work. It's a very intuitive art and not everyone has it unfortunately. But when it works it's pretty awesome .



This natural healer is clearly a fascinating guy, and in the light a link you supplied me about the high infant mortality rate in the US, despite also having the highest vaccination rate in the world, one certainly has to question the relevance of some of the medicines being churned out by the big pharmaceutical corporations.

I want to move on now to something you said earlier about the natural healers you met later on. They seem to have been a very enlightened group of people in view of what they were saying about the growing stranglehold of the elite on the newspaper industry, and camps that could be used to incarcerate large numbers of people, something that people are claiming is happening right now in the US. What do you remember about the 30 scientists that died who opposed mass vaccination? Were they people from all around the world, or a particular country such as the US or Australia?



Here are a few video links regarding the stories about the dead doctors. This is happening now, not back in the 90s:

A little bit too convenient, all these doctors dead in such a short time! What was the secret that cost them them their lives? You can only accept so much, then even the most placid person will ask "What is going on??"

I've been following this man for a couple of years. He is amazing. Stepped in when farmers lost land, feed, houses, runs a wildlife sanctuary, is a super hero roan old lady who runs a shelter for animals, fights battles for markets and farmers! I am in awe of him:

"SAD MEMORIES; Computer is playing up so backing up important files, which only goes to remind me how corrupt the world is and how our power to correct it is all but gone. My collection of insider reports, secret videos, documents, photos that cover electoral fraud, police, council and government fraud, animal welfare issues and leaked documents is so extensive, yet seemingly worthless. Courts ignoring the law, police being dick heads, political parties stealing tens of thousands of votes, councils ripping people off and thinking they are above the law, each one of them would make great TX exposés, yet the media are not allowed to cover such issues these days. Even TT who covered 2 stories last week, have removed them, and one that exposed the RSPCA is gone and a nice story about the RSPCA rescuing one cat has replaced it. When the truth has no value, accountability is lost, and corruption becomes the safe option, at the expense of 99% of the people. I will find a way this year to upload all of it, offshore, and let you all have a peek at the truth, they say a picture is a thousand words, so the videos must be a million.  "  Mark Aldridge

And then there's this. This kind of stuff makes me MAD, MAD, MAD!! I'm not in the least surprised:


Big Pharma makes billions out of selling us cures for all ailments. But the true effectiveness of many of them is questionable. Photo credit: Ragesoss



The video links about the doctors that died present a very disturbing scenario. They paint a story of a health industry that has a lot to lose. Even when you take into account that some may have died of natural causes, 33 within about a year, including several apparent suicides, is stretching credulity somewhat. It would suit Big Pharma I guess to have people think that this holistic medicine is somehow having unwanted side-effects and driving people to depression and suicide. In reality of course, it's more likely about them losing money.

You also mentioned another troubling story about some alternative media guy being gunned down in front of his family. It would be great to know what the paper was, or the name of the guy, if you can remember. Also, were the natural healers showing you these things as part of a group in some community centre or something?



To the guy being gunned down, this was an editor of an independent newspaper in the USA. It was a video made by surreptitious means. The people who made the film were a black couple of lawyers who had taken on the plight of their fellow black Americans and were fighting the court system. It started out being a personal thing to get justice for accused blacks, and escalated into finding connections in the whole rotten system! For instance railway tracks going only to dead-end stations, with buildings very similar to ovens at the fence line.



Barbara, thank you for all the information you have shared. We are living in a time of insidiously growing corporate control over our planet, and what you have said backs this up. It seems to me that scientific research is making big advances in some fields of medicine, especially in the fight against cancer, but much of this appears to involve new surgical techniques rather than Big Pharma drugs, and to a large extent the pharmaceutical industry appears to be working mainly for its own gain, which seriously compromises us, its consumers. In addition to this we have companies like Monsanto and Bayer gaining an increasing stranglehold on the world’s food supplies, against a background of the overarching international trade agreements such as TTP and TTIP that are currently being negotiated, which are set to give capitalist corporations an immunity from our democratic processes, that would normally help to keep them in check. Then in a tier above this there is the corporate banking system, that already has an almost universal control over the monetary system that feeds these corporate beasts.

My own view is that we are at a watershed in human history, where we have to decide whether we will cede control of our lives to largely faceless slave-masters, or whether we will make a stand against them, reverse the trend, and move back towards greater individual control over our destinies, creating a world where science works with us and for us rather than being our straitjacket. Fortunately, more and more people around the planet are waking up to the realities of the situation, so it’s not too late to make a stand. What are your hopes for the future? What sort of world would you like future generations to be born into?



What kind of a future would I like to see? I guess the same as the life I have had, with fresh air, nature abounding, space to grow up in, and people being basically decent human beings! But, I don't see anything good happening. In spite of more people waking up and seeing the light I think it's too little too late. There are forces in motion that can't be stopped, and while I've always been a bit of a Pollyanna in the past, I think when the clock was said to be at 5 to 12 thirty or more years ago that was the time for the revolution! We have been asleep at the wheel and are not in control of the car anymore. I'm selfish, and sad to admit I'm glad I'm old, and won't even allow myself to contemplate what my children and my grandchildren may have to face, because if I do I will go mad with grief. So, along with the rest of the sheep, I live in denial.



You come across as far from being a sheep, Barbara, you are very much an awakened person and a shining light to the generations that are following, those who we need to take up the mantle for the sake of humanity and the planet that has nurtured our species for aeons. Thank you so much for your very interesting insights and reminiscences, which I hope provide food for thought for anybody who reads them.

I too fear the worst for the future. The cabal that appears to control our world (the corporate bankers and those hidden individuals higher up again) have gained so much power now that they seem unstoppable. They control our income, via the Banks and their capitalist illusions, our health via Big Pharma, and soon, thanks to TTP, TTIP and the growing stranglehold of the big GM companies, they may even control the food and water, and hence our very survival. Modern technology, which has the potential for either emancipating or enslaving humanity - but in the hands of control freaks it will always be the lattter - could give them, if we were acquiescent enough to sleepwalk into their nightmare, the ability to monitor our every move and word via our ‘smart devices’, or even embedded computer chips. Orwell's 1984 was indeed a prophetic novel, for it was written long before much of the technology actually came into being: but Orwell could see the signs and the trends as they played out during last century's two World Wars.

However, all this has not come to pass yet, so I would like to sound a note of optimism. You and I were born into the post-war world of the 20th century, that saw a new optimism for a brighter future. When things began to slide again the hippie generation stood up for the dream of a better world. They refused to be used as mere pawns in the war games of delusional power-mongers, and eventually their anger and protestations helped to assuage the public appetite for continued engagement in Vietnam, and the war was brought to an end, albeit after much pointless bloodshed. That was, in my opinion, a victory for democracy. It didn't come easily, because you and I both know that democracy at the polling booths is little more than a farce, and only a mass movement of the people gets results. Whilst the hippie dream was eventually bought out by the lure of capitalist candyfloss, their actions during that brief era did, I believe, set a precedent, and today it's heartening to see many of the younger generations taking up that mantle again. This time the movement is more widespread across the world, the knowledge more informed - despite the deliberate disinformation put out by internet shills and others with self-serving agendas - and the anger and resolve more palpable. I feel that we stand at a watershed in the history of our race. Who knows what the outcome will be, but one thing I'm sure of is that very few individuals will willingly allow themselves to be enslaved. As the mask slips and the true price of complicity in the manipulations of the puppet-masters becomes evident, it is my hope that every individual will eventually be able to follow their birthright to choose their own destiny, based on freedom and truth.

So hopefully, Barbara, it isn't yet too late as you fear. You and I will probably not see the eventual outcome of this momentous moment in time, for who knows how many decades or centuries the scenario may take to play out, but here we are helping to plant a few seeds, and perhaps the momentum may have already become unstoppable before we say our final goodbyes to this demi-paradise of Earth, that still has so much unfulfilled potential.

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Interesting article Barbara, thank you. This reminds me of a herbalist I know who had cured a few people from cancer in his clinic...word got around and he started to get very busy. One day a lady appears and tells him in no uncertain terms, shut down or shut up...or else. She had flown in from London on a private plane, and after the appointment, flew off again. He is now in his late 70's, still in great health, and still treating people quietly. But, he says, you cannot take them on and win, they are too powerful.

Sun, 27 Mar 2016 23:33:53