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The Globe - Covid-19 Hub

Avoiding Covid-19 Infection

The links below offer advice both on becoming infected with Covid-19 and on protecting others from the spread of the contagion. Further links will be added on an ongoing basis.

Remain vigilant

Don’t become complacent

Stay safe

Picture source: Mikael Häggström, M.D.

Official advice from the UK’s NHS.

Self-help advice to protect yourself.

Further advice from an alternative source.

Advice for asthma sufferers.

Key scientific questions answered.

How long can Covid-19 survive on various surfaces? See also here

Tips on disinfecting surfaces.

The pros and cons of wearing a face mask.

In-depth Wikipedia resource.

Welcome to our Covid-19 Hub

Coronavirus Covid-19 is a global viral threat on a scale that has probably not been witnessed for a century; one that threatens to change the very way we all live in the future. In the more immediate term, it is a direct threat to the very survival of many of us. On this page you will find useful links to help you tackle the virus both as an individual and a community. The page will be updated regularly, so keep coming back for further information.

Social And Political Implications

It’s already looking pretty clear, as of April 2020, that the social, economic and political iimplications of Covid-19 are enormous, with a global economic meltdown looking very likely. And who’s to blame, and what can we learn going forward? The links in this section will hopefully help to answer some of these questions, or at the least provide starting points for further research.

How Covid-19 thrived on human error and presumption.

Capitalist and corporate greed: how it created the complacency that paved the way for a pandemic.

How the politics of the right undermined the UK’s ability to cope with the pandemic.

Exercise Cygnus: the UK Government knew way back in 2016 that the NHS wouldn’t be able to cope with a pandemic.

How UK Government complacency helped spread a pandemic across a 20 mile sea border.

More on the complacency of the UK Government.

Psychopaths walk among you. One of many similar stories that illustrate how irrational hate infests humanity.

On 24th March, 2020 President Trump predicted US churches would be full of throngs by Easter.

A harrowing video detailing how Spanish doctors had to choose who lived and who died due to a lack of resources.

Capitalism on its knees.

Did the virus escape from a lab? See also here and here.

The possible role of factory farming, driven by meat consumption, in the spread of Covid-19.

Public shaming and mind control: How the Covid-19 pandemic could be used to fine-tune future government responses to social unrest.

An alternative view. A Swiss doctor questions some of the conventional wisdoms promoted around the pandemic (ongoing blog).

Billionare bunkers to survive the end of the world.

The Future

One positive thing we can do moving forward is to reduce our consumer footprint. For now the world heals, as rampant consumerism is put on hold by social isolation and financial constraints. It's time to stop feeding greedy capitalists that use global resources inefficiently, putting profit over ethics, and move towards valuing things and people that actually matter over and above a mantra of ‘me first’.

Picture: Batad rice terraces by Adi.simionov.

Moving towards a more holistic vision for our planet.

Fighting back against corrupt government and the corporate machine.