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Institutional Paedophilia

The scale of institutional paedophilia currently being unravelled is simply shocking in its extent; even more so when we discover that major public figures in the field of government, religion and entertainment are involved, and that some of the victims were allegedly murdered. Who can we trust anymore? One thing’s for certain: some public figures have grossly betrayed their privileged positions and the trust that most members of the public extended to them, to engage in vile and illegal acts that are both hypocritical to the values they present in their public facade and destructive to the lives of others who they see merely as commodities to pleasure their egos.

The inertia and/or downright complicity of our law enforcement processes has resulted in some of these perpetrators escaping to the grave without justice. It’s imperative that those still alive, and those that have helped to pervert the course of justice on their behalf, are brought to justice with the utmost urgency. This section of the website is dedicated to furthering this cause, and will be further updated and expanded over time. Please contact us with any information or links you wish us to add.

Below is a list of useful links that will help provide references and contacts to those wishing to investigate this further:

March against paedophilia in London, Glasgow and Cardiff on April 26th 2015..

Anonymous’ OpDeathEaters campaign:

Anonymous’ Tumblr link:

Exaro News, a major exposer of paedophilia within the UK:

Westminster anti-corruption investigative blog:

Article from The Guardian dated 1998:

Father Gerald Robinson: how hiding behind sacramental cloth doesn’t always buy immunity:

Gilles de Rais: paedophilia is, predictably, not just an illness of the modern age, as this article illustrates:

114 missing files: British man marches to London whilst on hunger strike to demand answers.

Blogger poses serious questions about institutional paedophilia, and its concealment at the highest levels of church and government

2020 Inquiry report finds proof of instituitional cover-up of Westminster paedophilia