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Global Fightback is another voice in the growing clamour for change - but you can’t have too many voices right now in an era where it’s not just family fortunes at stake but the welfare of the entire globe and all the flora and fauna thereon. Corporate insanity is turning a festered eye to the realities of the situation and threatening, with the aid of a puppet master elite and a sycophantic administration, to pollute the very roots of sustenance for mere short-term gain for an over-privileged and morally ambiguous minority. It’s not a new obsession: the annals of history are littered with the names of the high and mighty who reached too far and fell into the abyss of ignominy, often dragging hundreds or thousands of unwitting minions and hapless victims with them. But now the survival of the planet itself is at risk.

Fighting back doesn’t have to involve violence - there’s been far too much of that already. But the choice of the term ‘fightback’ is deliberate, because those who hold the power and the wealth that so divides the world into endlessly warring factions are unlikely to give up their ill-gotten gains willingly. However, the weapons of choice are education, discussion, remonstration, boycott and protest.

In addition to being one more voice for change we also set our remit much wider: to make this website, over time, a comprehensive reference portal for all global activists, and a place to meet and share ideas and resources. It belongs, therefore, to every one of you who cares, and with this in mind we invite you to contact us with your suggestions and contributions. It’s a long and uncertain journey ahead, one that will not be completed in our lifetime. Along the way maybe those of us who share the vision of a better (fairer) world for all can make a small but significant contribution to that cause, and freely exchange some enlightenment and joy along the way.

‘Where’s it leading to?

Freedom  at what cost?

People needing more and more

And it’s all getting lost.’

So wrote 1970s folk-pop legend Cat Stevens in his song Ruins, a chilling post-apocalypse vision. It was an era of great hope, with the hippie dream of a better world in full swing; but also an era of tremendous, almost paranoid, fear, caught between nightmares of mind-numbing Hiroshima and soul-destroying genocide, and the impending threat of an even more obscene chapter in the sad annals of human history.

Nowadays things haven’t changed much. After an era of disillusionment and cynicism the younger generations have rediscovered some of the hope and much of the angst that drove their parents and grandparents. With modern technology we have the means of reaching and embracing the whole world - but also new devious means of controlling and perverting it. We’ve developed the science to feed the entire human race but not the will, for we’ve inherited the ancient tribal distrusts, envies and hatreds that have been passed down through millennia; in some ways, we haven’t advanced at all. And to add to the mix, the planet is heating up.

The stakes are probably higher than ever, but so too are the opportunities. What will we choose: to spread the words of knowledge and enlightenment across the deepest corners of the world? Or to disseminate fear, confusion, and disinformation, just as we’ve  done through the ages, with the occasional faltering step towards progress?

Perhaps humanity simply hasn’t evolved enough: we have the science, but deep down in our psyche we’re little more than savages in suits. We must strive to overcome the inertias of the past, much of it devised by the political, religious and, more recently, corporate power bases as a means to control the masses for their own selfish gain. It must in part be a spiritual journey; but one that is unshackled from the ancient superstitions.

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